AVDH Construction Consulting Co., Ltd was established in February 2011; operating in the field of design consultancy, verification of architecture, structure, MEP system, making total cost estimates nationwide.

With the motto: ‘Reaching high and flying away’, AVDH is a reliable choice for customers to give their full trust.

We sincerely thank our customers for the trust and companionship during the past journey.

Our journey is based on a solid understanding of expertise, a deep understanding of the investor’s needs and exploitation of the specificity of the project; We produce projects with optimal results that exceed expectations.

We have been participating in the design consultancy of many different types of projects such as high-rise apartments, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, schools, cultural and sports centers, industrial parks, houses. workshop…

In the process of constant transformation of the city, life and social community, we are aware of the flow to constantly learn, improve our professional skills, and meet the requirements of customers more and more effectively. as well as establishing a position to create a premise for a breakthrough in the coming period to anticipate the potentials of the construction industry.

Accompanying that process, is the unity of core values, people and working culture that we are aiming for.

On the mission of creating the best living space for people, we aim to develop sustainably until 2031 to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in civil engineering consulting.

And further is to lay the first foundation for creating trends and living culture for the new era; strategic vision and enthusiasm to serve potential investors as well as traditional investors.

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